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Every Words of Radiance sample chapter and reading


Words of Radiance comes out in just a few days. On Tuesday, March 4th, the wait will be over--well, for those in the US. Sorry everyone else :( But what if you missed some of the preview Words of Radiance content? Fear not, for we have you covered, to hopefully sate you over from the hype you might be feeling.

Preview Chapters

These are the officially released preview chapters, which are in the exact state as they appear in the book. However, a few epigraphs are removed for REDACTED REDACTED reasons.

Older Readings

We post this in completeness, but remember, these come from older drafts of the book. They are not final, and many of these are excerpts. All of these are interludes, and remember that these were transcribed from readings, so spelling is not entirely accurate. Other readings existed, but have been released in final form, as linked above.

Also, while we're at it, check out some Words of Radiance interior art Tor posted on Wednesday.

Coming to the Words of Radiance release party? Let us know, and we'll see you there!

Discuss the Words of Radiance sample chapters and the entire book upon release in our Words of Radiance forum.


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