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AhaTia (Air transport) [Aon Competition]


My entry for a custom Aon drawing contest :V

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put such things, but I saw there was an option to attach images via the gallery, so I'm going to submit my piece this way, I hope that's the right way of doing it :B

The Sigil contains the Aons: Tia, Seo, Iai, Iad, Eshe, Ata, Dao, and Aha. The way it works is you inscribe the pattern into a board which you can wear on your back- and the Aons form a pair of Wings made out of Dor light that can carry its bearer to where they direct it.

Technically, you could draw the Aon in the air and fly without having to use an inscription- but due to its complex nature, it is difficult to complete in the midst of battle.

The Sigil itself is merely a base- and can be easily customized by applying modifiers at the end of the Aha and Ata symbols to act as "feathers" which can change the nature of the wings. (For example: using Ehe would make the wings be made of Fire instead of just a glowing mesh of Dor where the wings would be. What shape or color or shape the wings take depends on the user- unless specified.

The idea was, that I figured that Brandon had lots of different forms of flying in his other series (Lashing, Steelpushing, the water jetpack from Firefight, etc), and I noticed Elantris was lacking in the flying department- so I based my entry that would allow an Elantrian to fly :V

I'm not entirely sure if this is how drawing Aons work, I couldn't find anything about connecting Aons- so I just drew all the Aons as if they were connected- the more important ones being bigger, and it is symmetrical to represent two outstretched "wings". I got all my info from the wiki, so it might not be a perfect representation- but it is was my impression of how Aons are drawn. :B

Hope it qualifies ^-^

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