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Essence of Elantris

Devout Pathian

For me this quote really sums up why I Iove Elantris and what the book is about.  I finished the book two days ago and one day while I was reading the book, I was feeling really depressed.  I remembed this idea from Raoden and was inspired to do something rather than just sit down moping.  I cleaned my room and I felt a lot better.  It really does work.

I do have to disclose that this isn’t the exact words Sanderson used.  He had it in the past tense, but I wanted it to be in the present tense to be more inspirational.  I am going to include the book version in the comments if you want that one.

From the album:

Quotes From Elantris

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Just wanted to let you know you must have overlooked something when rearranging the words into a present tense:
"Loses" should be written with only one "o".

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