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Gaz Redemption AU WoR Edition


Text xposted from tumblr:

"And since i finally posted the AU summary, here’s a related picture. This is from somewhere towards the end of AU! Words of Radiance. You can find the full version here - but basically the backstory to this picture is this: 
after a series of misadventures, Gaz is taken into Bridge 4 by Kaladin, just hours before Moash’s attempted regicide. While he doesn’t partecipate in the fight, sticking to watching from the shadows (because even in the AU he’s not brave/dumb enough to go toe to toe with a full shardbearer) he does intervene afterwards, when Moash is about to run off- by shooting him in the eye socket with a crossbow.

This AU is like… a Ripple Effect AU. Because Kaladin and Gaz ate together one time in Way of Kings, they became friends and this ended up stopping a major plotline of OB in its tracks before it had a chance to start. That’s also part of why i enjoy exploring this world. The sheer amount of what-ifs is mindboggling."

From the album:

Gaz Appreciation Station

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