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Why can't anyone see Renarin's future

The Kings Raven

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My first thought is that it's a case of seer vs seer. If Odium sees Renarin do X and acts to push him to Y instead. Renarin will see the new future and do Z instead. Thus rendering Odium's original vision false and blocking his sight.

But lately I've been thinking that explanation is unsatisfying. Firstly Odium is a god and Renarin is not. I would expect Odium's foresight to work on deeper levels. Odium could see that if he did X Renarin would get visions of the future finally leading to outcome A, but if he did Y Renarin's visions would lead to Z. This might go more than two layers deep, but Odium could go deeper than Renarin.

The second reason is that we know from Renarin's visions that visions can simply be wrong, without that leading to visions of black nothingness.

The third reason is that Renarin cannot be predicted by the Diagram either. And that works on an entirely different underlying mechanism. "Why specifically can’t the Diagram see Renarin Kholin? the notes read. Why is he invisible?". Given that the diagram is created without Fortune, by simply extrapolating from the present via genius intelligence there is no way a seer vs seer conflict should make anyone invisible. It could make the diagram wrong about Renarin, but he should be in there.

So now I'm thinking that Renarin might have some specific ability to be invisible to foresight. This could be from a corrupted spren, though I'm wondering if Cultivation is behind it simply because it's strong enough to block a god.

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Nightblood is also not visible I think?  It also could be a take on system brain vs. empathy brain.  The diagram arose from Taravangians maximum systematic but minimum empathy day.  Renarin might be characterized as having a systematic brain.  

I'm not a fan of S brain and E brain theory of autism, but it's ok for fiction.  

I'm not sure about nightblood.  He's not all there.  

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I think it is a case of seer vs seer, like when to Allomancers burn Atium. (also, completely a side tangent but why does Preservation have the letters Ati in it?) The strength and skill of the seer doesn't really matter, because when someone else is seeing the future, it changes. I don't think Odium could see what Renarin does because of his visions, because that would change both of their futures, and change what visions Renarin sees. 

Though the diagram doesn't use fortune, it still attempts to predict the future. If the Diagram predicts something Renarin will do and takes action on it, Renarin would see changes to the future and know not to do it. Taravangian knows that Renarin can change his actions, so he can't figure out his future. Basically, this is another case of seer vs seer, but the diagram only saw into the future once. The seer vs seer stuff isn't a property of investiture or fortune, it just naturally happens because of the information the parties have.



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