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Time and Time Again Roleplay questions and characters

Guest Somebody from Scadrial

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Guest Somebody from Scadrial

In a normal world a abnormal a man by the name of Calnaro DannEvon walked out in to the middle of a street that no longer exists in London and moved.

Nobody knows exactly what he did after he went back in time but now the world is filled with people who can move a few seconds into the past and a group of hunters called The Stopwatches and though officially the government is in charge everyone knows that Calnaro is still around and that he is the true power.

In the underground's of Naroington a group called The Morrowseekers seeks to rid the world of its government and leader and put a true Republic in it's place.

Make characters to go in the reply section below and any questions about the setting are welcome in the reply section below we're going to just go with the flow here's some basic rules:

1. No inappropriate stuff I'll send a pm to ask you to make some edits if necessary but do your best anyways

2. Follow the laws of physics of course time travel and some other stuff ;) exists but don't spontaneously destroy the world or something like that

3. Have fun and that's a order :)

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Guest Somebody from Scadrial

I'm going to try to get 3 or 4 people (at least) who want to join I'll probably be a gm/in world character 

Ok so I've come up with a bit of a character sheet

First Name:

Middle/Second Name: 

Last/Third Name:

Nicknames and/or Anymore Names:

Time Hopping abilities (seconds minutes 5 min at most ask for other existing abilities but you will still likely have this ability):

Interesting facts:



Strength Based Skills:

Speed Based Skills (slight of hand, dodging capabilities etc.):

Intelligence Based Skills:

Stealth Based Skills:

Weapon Based Skills:

Ask for more details and or clarification down below

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