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The missing statue


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I'm sort of new to the forums, and when I browsed for topics, I couldn't find anything about this topic.

Szeth brushed by, continuing past a line of statues depicting the Ten Heralds from ancient Vorin theology. Jezerezeh, Ishi, Kelek, Talenelat. He counted off each one, and realized there were only nine here. One was conspicuously missing. Why had Shalash’s statue been removed? King Gavilar was said to be very devout in his Vorin worship. Too devout, by some people’s standards.

Is there a connection between Gavilar's possible discoveries and the missing statue?

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Unknown. There is, however a theory (not mine, sorry, cannot find a proper reference for attribution now), that it is related to I-7, Baxil POV interlude:

Baxil watched, uncomfortable. This was the Hallowed Hall, the place where a wealthy man placed images of his Kadasix for reverence. The mistress walked up to the first piece of art. The painting depicted Epan, Lady of Dreams. It was beautiful, a masterpiece of gold leaf on black canvas.

The mistress took a knife from her bundle and slashed the painting down the front. Baxil cringed, but said nothing. He’d almost gotten used to the casual way she destroyed art, though he was baffled by it.

It has been theorized that the mistress is a Herald, and she destroys all references to herself (i think).

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