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Flutes of the Cosmere


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(Let me preface this by saying I have not read every cosmere book, only the Stormlight archive books, as well as the Mistborn series up through the end of The Well of Ascension. Though, I do plan on reading the rest before the year's end.)


As I was finishing up WOA tonight, I came across a small sentence that struck me as odd. As Vin wandered the Lord Ruler's room, there were objects from his people, the Terrismen:


"A Rug. Furs. A small wooden flute."


It is possible that the Lord Ruler's flute simply refers to his past Terrismen duties, as it would seem to be fitting that he would be a wanderer of knowledge, and possibly have a flute. However, we see small wooden flutes throughout the Stormlight Archives:


“This is a Trailman’s flute,” Hoid said, inspecting the length of dark wood. “It is meant to be used by a storyteller, for him to play while he is telling a story.”


Hoid traveled with a flute that he gave to Kaladin. The flute was ancient and considered special. We also know that Amaram has a collection of small, wooden flutes. It all seems too connected to be a coincidence. There must be a greater purpose for these special wooden flutes. I doubt that it is a tool for world hopping, though I do ponder that possibility. Maybe there are other wooden flutes found throughout the Cosmere books I haven't read about yet.  Either way, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the matter. 

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Dunno if there is a greater purpose, but there is a connection. The original Terris religion, the Worldbringers, was found or inspired or affected significantly by Hoid. The Lord Ruler was a Terrisman who belonged to that Religion. Likewise, Hoid also seems to have founded or influenced the Worldsingers as well. Hoid's short backstory we were briefly exposed to in the Liar of Partinel sample chapters has him as a storyteller - it's possibly related to that.

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More flutes in Words of Radiance:


A quartet of women played flutes on a raised platform across from the lively hearth, but the music had long since grown tedious.




 “Might as well put you to use,” the cook said. “Stine wanted someone to polish mirrors for him. He’s in the study, cleaning the master’s flutes.”


Flutes? A soldier like Amaram had flutes?


This one hints flutes could be important, why else would Amaram bother?


Also in the book, Kaladin lost Wit's flute and they discuss. That covers all WoR flute stuff.

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