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The Lone World OOC thread

Darth Woodrack

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Hello and welcome to the Lone World rp thread. This isn’t a WH40K rp, and is not Sanderson related in the slightest. But never fear! Below you shall find a list of fandom articles to read to get an understanding of what we are using. Feel free to dive down every rabbit hole you find, and to ask me for a basic recap of rp history, if you don’t know what’s going on. If you have questions fandom can’t answer, turn to @Grey Knight, our resident expert in all thing War Hammer 40,000.

Reference Links

Basic Idea


The basic idea is that this is on an isolated world in the WH40K universe where things have gone horribly wrong(more than usual). A Tyranid hive ship has crash landed on a Necron tomb world, that is inhabited by humans, several different xeno species, a large group of space marines(form pretty much every chapter), a burgeoning war party of orks, and large chaos cults of every major god. The Tyranid hive ship covered the planet in The Shadow of the Warp, so they can't leave, or call for help. Now the entire planet has devolved into chaos.

RP Rules


No godmodding, as usual for rps. 

Try to make logical sense in your posts, but also try to keep the rp going. As in, even though a Khornate would logically pull a Hellbent(A homicidal maniac from the Alleyverse) and try and kill everyone, don’t, at least not for the first thing the character does. So, a character slowly turning into a Khornate chaos spawn would be allowed, bt a character starting, then immediately trying to kill everyone wouldn't be. However, a Khornate would be very much like Spensa, shouting of massive death threats, and would also go against tyranids or Necrons.

Follow your leader. If you are a Khornate, and whoever is running Khorne tells you to do something, do it, unless, your character would never, under any circumstance, do it. The only exception is if you are a Necron lord. In that case, you have almost complete free will to say no to anything, except you would not betray the Necrons in general.

This is War Hammer, so if there is graphic violence, don't complain, but on the other end, there is a difference between a follower of Slaanesh cutting someone up, with a basic description, and someone eating their body with a graphic description of the taste and how the mutilated body looked. The former is okay, the latter is not.

If there is a dispute, vote on an impartial mediator to settle it. Go with whatever the mediator says, becuase you agreed on them. If there is a dispute on who should be a mediator, then have everyone else vote on who should mediate. If nobody can be chosen as an impartial, then majority rules, and if there is an even split, take the negative. 

Also, there will be no noob punishing. We want more people to join the rp, and even though power progression is a very large part of this rp, we will try to keep the fights fair. Also, as soon as someone has joined the rp, and has there first character made, they have the same rights as one of the founding members, in terms of OOC voting.

Character Rules


For now there is a character limit of two. This may increase later, but just on the expected size of this rp, there won't be enough scenes for everyone to have more than two characters without having really long posts where they are just fighting themselves.

On the subject of power limit, just, keep it reasonable. As in, if a space marine is 100 points, with a bolter, the maximum would be 120. A worshiper of chaos would have a maximum of 90, because they have a much higher chance of drastically increasing in power.

For rank, as long as whoever is running your faction doesn't have a steadfast, impartial reason why your character would not be at the rank you are suggesting, they can be pretty much any rank, other than leader.

Specifically for the Tyranids, a little jump in logic is required. We will assume that the Tyranids have given all the individual forces increasing levels of free will as they go up in rank, to allow for more versatility and to allow them to survive their exile on this lost world.



The Factions that are relevant in this are are as follows: Imperial Loyalists, Orks, Necrons, Tyranids, Slaanesh cults, Khorne cults, Nurgle cults, and Tzeentch cults.

Each faction will have an OOC leader who will rp as whoever is in charge, who are, in the same order as the above list of factions is, The Imperial Governor, Ork Warboss The Necron Tomb Highlord(Who may turn into the king of the Necrons if Potency can give a reasonable backstory and power level, as well as a reason they would still stay), the Tyranid Hive mind, Slaanesh, Khorn, Nurgle, and Tzeentch. These will not count as normal characters, as in, they have much higher powers(Except the governor) and won't affect your limit. These people will always do what is best for their faction, and follow what they would actually do, in the case of the gods.

Also, if you are the leader of a faction, you cannot have a character be a member of that faction, specifically important being the cults. If you are a chaos god, and one of your characters worships, well, you, most likely you will give yourself either more blessings than you deserve, making everyone else mad, or less, in an attempt to be fair, but in actuality being unfair to yourself.

World Geography


The world is an earth like world with many different climates, with the Tyranids landing in the middle of a desert, the orks in a tropical rainforest, the Necrons on the north pole, the Imperial Loyalists in the main city, (Name Pending. Ideas?) and the cults across the globe with no real bases.

OOC Rules


This thread is for plot planning, complaints, and questions about overall rp mechanics. If you need to ask someone your rping with a quick question, use quote boxes. And just be polite.

Character List


Currently Empty, as the rp has not actually started yet.

Current Leaders


Necrons: @Blessing of Potency

Tyranids: @Darth Woodrack

Imperial Loyalists: @Lord Furret

Orks: @Blessing of Potency(Second Faction.)

Khorne: @Clyde Meepins

Slaanesh: @Ark1002(Second Faction)

Nurgle: @Ark1002

Tzeentch: @Darth Woodrack(Second Account)


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