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Magic System Idea


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I've been working on a new idea for a magic system for a while and about 2 days ago, it finally hit me so, here you go. 


Magic is called Channeling in my world and the source of it is Ether, an Omni-present force that controls all of the Cosmos. People known as Sorcerers use the Ether to channel different powers called Forces into the Cosmos. The powers are very strange but they all focus on the manipulation of matter & energy. 

There are 3 big limitations to Channeling: 

  1. Sorcerers are either born or given only two different Forces to channel when they become Sorcerers. 
  2. Channeling takes a lot out of the body because Ether also uses up bodily energy called Willpower, which fuels all sentient creatures. Using too much Willpower will eventually exhaust the Sorcerer to the point of almost dying. 
  3. You have to gain the ability to Channel by either having an ancestor that was a Sorcerer, being connected to the Ether through some kind of spiritual bond, or coming into contact with some kind of magical artifact with two Forces in it. 

There are 12 Forces that Sorcerers can Channel, and they are...

  1. Vibration - The sorcerer can create waves of vibration around them and even control the frequencies that objects vibrate. 
  2. Transmutation - The sorcerer can transform matter into other forms of matter similar to it (i.e. water can become steam or ice, or sand can become glass).
  3. Gravitation - The sorcerer can alter a target's gravitational direction and strength.
  4. Ionization - The sorcerer can create a plasma that they can use as an ionized air channel to allow electric currents to flow through, thereby creating electricity.
  5. Solidification - The sorcerer can manipulate the cohesion of matter to make the molecules fluid or harden them to create harder surfaces.
  6. Incineration - The sorcerer can manipulate thermal energy to create fire or heat.
  7. Attraction - The sorcerer can manipulate the magnetic attraction between objects as well as the friction that two objects have. 
  8. Elongation - The sorcerer can stretch, deform, expand, or contract an object’s shape into any form imaginable.
  9. Hallucination - The sorcerer can manipulate light to create visual illusions that can be either witnessed by one person or a whole group of people.
  10. Translocation - The sorcerer can transfer matter and/or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.
  11. Infusion - The sorcerer can channel energy into a specific object, infusing the object with full energy.
  12. Reconstruction - The sorcerer can reverse the damage done to organic/inorganic matter.

If you have any suggestion, don't feel hesitant to put them in the comments. 

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