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Worst "Everybody goes quiet but you don't" moments

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For all of you people in high school out there-

Yall know that awkward pause when every single person in a room stops making noise, and you don't realize it, but instead keep on rambling about something weird? Yeah that just happened to me. I was talking about whether or not it is possible to use a pressure washer to blow a person up (don't ask, you don't want to know) and the entire room went quiet but me. I finished with "If you attached it to the vein and turned it on would they explode... why is it so quiet..." Everybody started laughing. Except me, because I was busy being embarrassed.

Anyways, does anybody else have a story like this?

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Alright, this didn't happen to me it happened to my brother, but still I think this is appropriate here. So every year at my church we do a Youth Group Summer CampTM where we go out during the day and do service projects out in our community, but at night and in the morning we have like Worship sessions and stuff. But anyway, the summer after my Senior year my brother and I were in one of these sessions, listening to, of all speakers, my father go on about different aspects of the Bible. And my brother turns to me and whispers, "I need to fart so bad." So I told him to cough and fart at the same time to mask the sound. So he coughs, everyone goes quiet for a second and looks at him, and then he farts. I mean he let it rip, and we were sitting on a table because there weren't any more seats and because of this the sound of his fart like, reverberated through the room, and it was loud. I put my head in my hands, my brother just shrugs, and my dad says "I'm disowning you," before continuing his Bible lesson. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I learned that my brother is embarrassed by nothing. 

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