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The VoidBreakers Guild


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Lance walked into a small closet sized room, filled with wires, gemstones, and fabrails. He pulled out his painrial, and jammed it into a slot in the wall. The room shook, then made a popping noise. Lance stepped out into a wide circular room of marble & steel.

"I can't believe that worked! I had no idea replicating oathgates would be that easy!" He smiled, looking over the headquarters of


Welcome to the Voidbreakers guild. Our mission? to control ALL cookiE spYking in the alleyVERSE During the secOnd Month of every fIfth NormAl daTe In vOriN terms. (If you're smart enough to join the VoidBreakers, you'll figure out what that means) We intend to accomplish this by replicating powerful magical devices, such as oathgates, unkeyed metalminds, and dawnshards. If you wish to join, speak this oath, and pledge yourself to power:

Power before Honor, Strength before Shards, Cosmere before EVERYTHING!!!

Oathgate entrance is to the left of the odd job tavern, inside the ShardShop, Alleyverse division

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