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Ba-Ado-Mishram name meaning?


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Ooh, that's fascinating. I never even thought of trying to decipher the names, and I didn't caught the connection between Ado and Adoda before you pointed it out. 

I've been looking for any words that sound similar to "ba" or "mishram" over at Coppermind's glyph index, but found nothing. The one thing of note is that Mishram shares the last syllabe with Amaram, but we don't have the meaning of "maram" given ("merem" means honor, though, for what that's worth). 

Your interpretation sounds pretty valid, and it fits what we know of the glyph grammar (for example, Bridge Four is written "Four Bridge", so adjectives always go before nouns). I'm really not sure what else it could be, apart from really far guesses. "Ba" could be a suffix like "en", so "ba-ado" would be "to enlighten", and "ba-ado-misharm" could mean "one who enlightens", as in "provides forms of power", but enlightening is really more of Sja-Anat's thing, isn't it?

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