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The Ten Deaths/Thrill weirdness


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I'm in the midst of a re-read of WOK and noticed a reference to "the Ten Deaths." At first I jumped on this as part of a "there were actually 10 Unmade" hypothesis, but now I wonder, maybe, does it just refer to the 9 Unmade + the 1 Odium?

Also the Lifebrother reference by Mr. T., seems Sibling-ish. I think I've seen another thread somewhere, where this idea was mentioned? If so, at any rate, I'm totally sold on "the Sibling is the spren of stone" or what.

EDIT: Also in the first vision-scene, Dalinar feels the Thrill. Is he just remembering what it's like to feel the Thrill or is Nergaoul somehow reaching into the vision-world? That would be kind of odd as the visions are presumably made from Honor-Investiture which per the Coppermind is supposed to be a buffer against the Thrill. Also:



How do visions in the cosmere work? And I'm thinking Realmatically.

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

So almost always [it's] glimpsing into the Spiritual Realm. But you are often seeing it through the Cognitive, and so like a vision that...

*interrupted for a picture request*

So like the vision that Dalinar sees. What's going on is...being pulled, and kind of stretched a little bit through the Realms, into the Spiritual Realm.  Where a Cognitive construct is adding a framework to seeds that are set in place.


So that you can kind of comprehend the Spiritual?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

You can comprehend...and also there's a little bit of a life to it. Meaning it can respond to you to an extent. So imagine, it kind of works like an AI. Imagine there's some..you've got that power in the Spiritual Realm and you're adding a framework to it, that it is shining through, and that is giving you the vision.  Complicated, I know. Spiritual Realm is supposed to be weird, and we aren't supposed to quite comprehend it, and that's why we've got the Cognitive framework there.


So that makes it seem like Nergaoul has Spiritual-level power. Not unlikely or weird, I suppose, but... IDK...

Before-I-have-to-edit-again: Oooooh a WoB!



In Chapter 19 of The Way of Kings, when Dalinar has a vision of fighting Voidbringers (maybe something else?) as a farmer, he says that he felt the Thrill in the vision. Does this mean that Nergaoul was active there, at the time that vision was "recorded" or was it Dalinar's viewing of the vision that was affected by the Thrill? Would the actual person whose perspective he was seeing have felt the Thrill if he had fought?

Brandon Sanderson

This is a great question, and one I've never been asked before. The answer is going to be a little vague.

First, Dalinar could have felt the Thrill from Nergaoul, and imported it into the vision.

Second, Nergaoul could have been active then, and the farmer could have felt it when he fought.

So both theories are valid. Which is it? I am going to hang back from answering this for now, as I am digging more into the Unmade in a future book.



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