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An argument for Edgli being a dragon


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Fairly slim, evidence-wise, but here goes: classical dragons breath fire as well as air; dragons in the Cosmere are like classical dragons; therefore Cosmere dragons have two kinds of breath. If Edgli were a dragon, she could (metaphorically) impart divine Breath by breathing fire in the Spiritual Realm, so to speak. Therefore, if Edgli were a dragon, we would have part of the explanation for the intrinsic difference between Breath and Divine Breath (besides the non-Splinter/Splinter aspect).

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Interesting theory. I noticed on the Coppermind that the only (known) occurence of someone new taking a Shard is what happened in MIstborn, so the dragon would have had to have been involved in the original Shattering of Adonalasium. This isn't far-fetched, since it does take place in Dragonsteel, but I thought it was worth noting.

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