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Mistborne - parody of Battleborne

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this is a parody of Two Step's From Hell's "battleborne"

There is ash in the air that I am breathing
There is blood where the nobles war
These are faces I will not remember
Will I fight for the lord or the slave?

A treacherous part
To play with a heart of courage
Where the wind from the north bodes rebellion
And the armies of koloss are formed

we are ghosts in the shadows of war


[verse 2]
All the noblemen flee from the city
The black wing of death as their liege
Felt the ground, it was bare from the fires
Soldiers that lie at my feet

The nation was lost
burning for one man's vengeance
On a ship heading southward away
I am standing in wake of the fall
I was raised by the skaa and the noble
This sword was battleborne


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