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WoB first, theory second:



The namesake of the Nahel bond. Was that a person, or is just a name?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

It's a word in original Alethi as I was working on it. Actually, the original didn't use "bond." Bond was implied by it. The word meant, "connection to the divine." It's gotten larger since then.

Questioner 2 [PENDING REVIEW]

So when Vasher takes a similar name, he's trying to imply that meaning?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]



Actually, a second WoB, THEN a theory [this pushes the subject towards the wider Cosmere, granted, but I'm only using Rosharan words so...]:


Darkness (paraphrased)

How close is Elithan to Adonalsium's actually name? Does Adonalsium have a proper name? It seems more like a title…

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

Um… Yeeah… RAFO.


Elsewhere (I'm not gonna look it up right now) we've been told that Judaism is the main inspiration for the form of Vorinism, or something like that. So, "Adonai" means "Lord" and was used in place of YHWH due to a proscription on speaking the Divine Name. But there was also another word used, "Elohim." (OK, sure, there are also "El Elyon" and "El Shaddai" and so on, but those are more like titles than names.) "Elithanathile" reminds me of that one a little. So, I have a quasi-theory that Adonalsium's name was, in part, or sort of, or whatever, something like "Elohium," or "Adonaielohium," and that over time this mutated into "Adonalsium."



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