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17th Shard Magic Arena tournament


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Hello everyone


I know that some of us have been playing Magic the Gathering for awhile, and some have just started. With the release of Arena, and subsequently the release of the direct challenge feature, I think the time has come to see who has the chops to be crowned the monarch of the 17th Shard in Magic the Gathering! So, the first tournament. Sign up here over the next week or so, with your wizards name and your decklist. For the first tournament this will be a Pauper tournament! For those who don't know, Pauper means no card in your deck can be of a higher rarity than common. All matches will be best of 3, and the tournament as a whole will be double elimination. I'll set up pairings. After you are paired, you have 3 days to play your games and report your results. I'll set up an online chart of the tournament when I have all the participants. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message or poke me on the Discord. Let's see who can come out on top!

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