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Hello to all. New Here


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I'm a new member to the forums, but not new to them entirely.  I've lurked them for quite a while but I wanted to get involved in more of the topics.


I started by reading WoK and was instantly addicted to BS.  I've read all of his published works but I need to brush up on my Cosmere.  I was so enamored by each book itself, that I admittedly missed so much of the Cosmere interconnections.  So now I'm trying to put the pieces together for myself.  There's a lot of content.


Any suggestions on where to start?

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Glad you've delurked and welcome to the community. That's one of the great things about the Cosmere idea. It makes rereads all the more interesting as you notice things you missed the first time.

You might want to read through the Cosmere 101 thread if you haven't already so you have an idea of what things you should be looking out for when you read. After that, if you want to really start at the beginning, a few parts of Liar of Partinel (origin story for Hoid) is available on Brandon's website. The rest of the books have more or less been published in chronological order so reading them by publication date would probably work just fine, though I'd finish with the stormlight books since they have the most crossover.

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