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Ishi and Dalinar- Bondsmith Battle Brewing


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Dalinar is the only Bondsmith we know of to date int he story. He is bonded to the Stormfather who has never bonded to another since he has incorporated the Cognitive shadow of Honor. This has led to various uses of power that have never been done, according to the Stormafather. Dalinar has not begun using his second surge, which could also be boosted.

Ishar/Ishi/etc.as the Herald of Bondsmiths/ priests/ etc.was first in enforcing oaths on the Radiants, and claimed to have power to destroy them all. He is also mad, and without his Honorblade, but has a following believing he is a God (as he himself thinks) and still has a strong influence over Nale and his Radiants.

The two are going to clash, and likely sooner rather than later. So the speculation starts with these:

Does Dalinar clash with Ishi before Odium gets to him? -(I think yes)

Who comes out as the top Bondsmith? - I must hope Dalinar does, since two other Heralds appear to be inclined to him at least).

Does ishi try to destroy Radiant bonds? -Wow! what a twist that would be. Any guesses?

Will Ishi join the coalition when he finds out of Honor/Stormfather's approval of Dalinar? - Naw, he is nuts.

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