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The Listeners are Ironic


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This isn't a theory, just something I realized.  There's probably a lot of people who've noticed it and thought about it before, but, slow as I am, it only recently clicked with me.  The Listeners are regarded as treasonous by Odiums forces.  Ulim literally tells Venli her people are traitors.  Which they are.  BUT, they are the only reason Odium hasn't lost.  If they had never gone turncoat, then all the Singers would be unable to bond spren, meaning Odium would never be able to create the Everstorm.  The Listeners were the key to Odiums return, and yet they are seen as disgusting traitors.  Thats stupidly ironic.

I know it's super obvious, but I had a WHOA moment when I realized it, and I had to share.

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