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Sadeas's Assassin (Spoilers)


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I was going through a reread of WoR and noticed something. In one of Sadeas POV in the end just after Sebarial and Aladar join Dalinar's troops, he mentions sending Ialai's assassin. Now there are three assassination attempts in WoR. 1. Moash tries to kill Elokhar with the help of the patriots sect (Graves and Danlan). 2. Assassin in white sent by Taravangian. 3. Assassination attempt on Jasnah by Ghostblood. I'm not sure I read any other assassination attempts in WoR. Maybe it's the attempt on Elokhar in Way of Kings. But Sadeas means it like that the attempt is made on Dalinar's life and not on Elokhars's. He doesn't even consider Elokhar to be a threat at all. Is there something else I missed? An assassination attempt that I missed?

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