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Miscellaneous 2014 (Jan. 1, 2014)
#97Feb. 6, 2014 

Peter Ahlstrom

Come on, guys, there are major major reasons Roshar can't possibly be a moon and one of the moons a gas giant. Think about it.



I don't have a theory or anything, but I stumbled upon this miscellaneous entry in Arcanum while searching for other things and it tickled me so much I had to share it. I love how there is no question prefacing it. It's a comment on a 17th shard post, but I like to think it's the opening remarks from a meeting Peter called specifically to yell at people about this. It reminds me of the movie Adaptation where the experienced screenwriter is exasperated with his inexperienced brother's screenplay.




Charlie Kaufman : How could you have somebody held prisoner in a basement and... and working at a police station at the same time?

Donald Kaufman : [pause]  Trick photography.


Donald Kaufman: I'm putting in a chase sequence. So the killer flees on horseback with the girl, the cop's after them on a motorcycle and it's like a battle between motors and horses, like technology vs. horse.

Charlie Kaufman: And they're still all one person, right?


Charlie Kaufman : The only idea more overused than serial killers is multiple personality. On top of that, you explore the notion that cop and criminal are really two aspects of the same person. See every cop movie ever made for other examples of this.

Donald Kaufman : Mom called it "psychologically taut".


I imagine someone responding to Peter with "Mom called it scientifically plausible" and Peter facepalming. It may be just me, but this brought me a lot of joy and I wanted to share it.

P.S. Adaptation is a good movie and you should check it out sometime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWTErr-91BE



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