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I've finally had an opportunity to delete most of these. Thanks for letting us know. I had thought I set the permissions correctly so no new things could be posted, but evidently not.

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I'm on the same page as Swimmingly. I feel like I've read that Brandon and some friends made it to keep in touch after leaving school. But I also thought it was sort of the original 17th Shard, a place to discuss his works. I've always been a bit confused. Explanation would be appreciated.

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Time Waster's Guide was Brandon's old forums. It was created by Brandon's friends after they graduated BYU to be a place for them to hang out, and when those among them got published, they used it to host their communities for their books. But aside from the Brandon board, much of the activity was far before that, and mostly just them goofing off.

The only active community on the site at its demise was really the Brandon, Dan, and Howard community, and so when there was a hacking there and Brandon's brother (his webmaster) took it offline, we asked if we could host an archive of the site for safekeeping. That's why it is here.

Indeed, many of the initial admins met on TWG.

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