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Hi :-)


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I discovered Brandon Sanderson while reading his work on the Wheel of Time. Since I enjoyed how he wrote the end of that story, I decided to try some of his books.


I have thus read:



The Rithmatist

Stormlight Archive


I must say I was very impressed with the latest and I am afraid I am, slowly, becoming something of a fan. I came here while googling and I hope to discuss some theories with you people :)

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I also highly recommend further immersing your self in the cosmere with Elantris, Warbreaker and Emperors Soul. (not necessarily in that order).


Yes I have noticed many reference to Warbreaker, Nightblood and such. I will put those in my to read list. In fact, I intend to read all of Brandon Sanderson's work. What a great author :-)

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