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Cosmic Deconstruction: Eubeal vs Ioc (non canon battle)


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Eubeal stepped inside the (false)Waystop, a 'man' in a nice suit and clean leather shoes with a completely chrome mask with no features, his hands were in his pockets and not an inch of flesh could be seen.

His connection with the strange voice back. He saw his target: Ioc. The denizens of the Waystop looked at the newcomer. "Ioc, come with me please." The man gestured with his shoulder, his hands still hidden in his pockets.

He didn't really need to wait for Ioc to respond, he just manipulated the scalar value of distance to zero —for him and Ioc— to a point outside the Waystop. "I represent a group called the Reality Slayers and we've detected some spikes in power here, they sent me to take care of it. Either leave this plane of existence or I'll be forced to use force. If you don't possess the means to exit a specific universe or multiverse, we have someone that can ferry you to a different universe more suited to your level of power. Keep the balance and all that." He nodded. "Questions?"


@Gancho Libre here's the thread!

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"I dunno what any of that means," said Ioc, "But i'm a fast learner. Shall we begin?"


Alrighty Cyanic if you want me to post a list of investitures and investiure-related weaknessed on this, I'll do it, but if not I promise there is a chart and i am following it.


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3 hours ago, Gancho Libre said:



It's alright, you don't need to post it here since if we're going to duel, it'll be more fun this way. I'm also using a certain power system (though not related to any of Brandon Sanderson's books) and since this non-canon, you can also exaggerate your own more to bump up Ioc's own power level since this has pretty much no consequences to the canon RP's

"I assume that means you want to battle me." Eubeal said, then shrugged. "My connection also just told me that you may, in fact, not be too powerful for this 'verse, and we can test that, but first," he shifted them both to a large dry expanse somewhere else on Roshar. "I'll grant you a free hit." He concluded.

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Lets do this!

Ioc encased itself completely in Amberite, then extended the Ambertie much farther than it's body, making a small wall, then absorbed snough stormlight to make itself completely frictionless and thus ignorant of the laws of wind resistance, then Lashed itself towards its opponent multiple times, falling like a bullet.

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Eubeal seldom studied the worlds or 'verses that he visited, or was assigned to, but this world seemed very interesting, he wasn't an expert in magic, but he was complete well-versed in all aspects of physics. This 'verse seemed to almost merge the two together, which was astonishing, like how Ioc seemed to change its own gravitational direction, not just direction too, but also intensity.

He selected a piece of pebble in front of him and, in an instant, increased both the volume of the pebble to that of a wall and its mass to that of a small hill, roughly 10,000 kg. Making it much almost a thousand times denser and heavier than a wall of its size should be.

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Ima ignore the fact that that would create a black hole. :)

Ioc crashed into it. "What in the world?" it said as the Amberite wall folded in on itself. This being had different powers than the Cosmere provided.

"Ya know what?" Ioc asked. "Ima break a few rules,"

It pulled out a pair of Firebinger's lens, then tapped Nicrosil, sending out a beam of light as hot as the star Ioc was born too and as wide as the Lens itself.

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Well no, it'd be really dense, but not dense enough to create a black hole,

Quantum sense determined that the beam of light was indeed enough to harm Eubeal, and he was indeed harmed by the blast, but not as it would a regular biological organism. More importantly, the blast ruined his suit. Eubeal did not like it when his suits were dirtied, and he especially disliked it when they were ruined. The burnt cloth exposed his 'body' underneath: physical interactions that were constantly fluctuating, barely held together in a humanoid form.

Eubeal distance 0'd some poor sod's own suit from somewhere else and wore it over his 'body.' He then put a pebble in his hand, then shifted its density to be that of a boulder, at least so it could withstand what he was about to have it do.

He threw the rock toward Ioc and increase its scalar value for speed to 0.99c, 99% the speed of light, creating a few streaks of plasma that exploded at its launch point, as well as heating up the sand around them, turning that into glass first, then melting the glass.

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sorry for the bold

Ioc saw the pebble thrown (It was really fast, but so was it's mind), and the ground underneath melt, and it knew the rock was dangerous.

Well, that along with the fact that this was the same pebble that had ruined Ioc’s Amberite wall.

Ioc inhaled stormlight, and jumped over the pebble, wincing as it didn't jump high enough and the pebble shot through it's body. It healed as quickly as possible. Ioc then Lashed itself in place in the air before it fell back down, so it wouldn't have to touch the ground.

Ioc hovered there for a second, then nodded to itself.

Ioc flipped over 180 degrees so it’s head was inches from the molten glass floor, then pressed it’s hands into the ooze. Immediately, there was a burning sensation, which Ioc responded to quickly with a painrial and healing. It pushed deeper, eventually coming in contact with a warm soil.

Then, Ioc used the Surge of Adhesion to glue his hand to the goop. It pushed outward with Stormlight, Adhesioning as much glass as possible, sticking a large section of earth underneath. To help, Ioc also tapped Connection in a way that, kind of, made the chosen section a part of itself.

Ioc screamed, then disappeared in a flash of beige, taking a gigantic crater of the ground with it. There was several inches of molten glass, followed by inches of warm glass, followed by sandy soil.

A hole more than fifty feet down was suddenly missing, taken with Ioc with the flash of beige.

And Ioc reappeared a second later, the tip of the hunk of earth centimeters above the enemy’s head.

The enemy could be doing anything; Ioc hadn’t looked over during his attack. But Ioc hoped this maneuver would work.

Several tons of earth and glass above the enemy’s head, with the potential to fall twice as fast as Ioc infused the entire mess with a Lashing downward.

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Eubeal gathered energy then progressed to Stage 2, dilating his own time enough that the energy he gathered was sufficient. Stage 1 already had a lot of power, but Stage 2 added more versatility, he could do much things in 1 as he could in 2 using different means, but 2 just provided him with more means. He'd gotten much better at charging ever since that time he fought a godmodder.

The advanced quantum fairy looked up to the several ton mess of molten mass going toward him. Then he cancelled the gravitational force in about a kilometer of radius around them, making most things start to float as they were flung from the planet's rotation. That didn't stop the mass from moving yet though, so he applied some force upward and with his quantum sense, allowed him to just produce enough counter-force that it slowed the mass down, then stopped it, it now hovered in mid-air without any speed.

Then he shifted a chunk of sand, as large as a basketball to his hand via distance value, he could also use displacement now, but it really had the same effects and had pretty much no difference besides semantics.

Eubeal increased heat on the chunk to turn it into glass and to let them stick to each other without falling apart. He then increased the density, heat, and gravitational pull of the object not too much to create a singularity but enough to create a miniature star, letting the star fly up toward the mass at an angle, using velocity at around 9,600 km/h, Mach 8, the solar ball creating a sonic boom as soon as it left his hand.

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Ioc watched as its opponent turned a hunk of glass into a storming star.

What? What was Ioc facing?

Then Ioc saw the star leave Eubreal's hand as if he had thrown it, and then something immesnly dense and powerful completely obliterated him.

By reflex, Ioc teleported ten feet lower in the air (the star had destroyed the hunk of ground as well, so there was nothing below it but air), and this did prevent any consequences of being exposed to a little star for too long (AKA ten milliseconds), but Ioc still would have died if not for:

A: the painrial, that it kept permanently against its wrist like a watch

B: the goldminds, that barely sustained it, and

C: the Bestower's Lens that Ioc used on Eubeal to transfer everything that was done to it downwards at Ioc's enemy. Ioc didn't have time to get its pair from the bag, which it had thrown sideways on impulse to prevent its obliteration, but It had been able to use the one Bestower's Lens it kept covering 'ts eyes as contacts. These contacts were protected by thin layers of Enforcer's Glass and other protections, so the things didn't melt into it's eyes.

They did, however, take everything bothering Ioc, from an aching ankle to a fifth-degree burn, and gave it all to Eubeal.

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Eubeal saw a specific something being sent to him in the vibrations of the world, he was about shift himself out of the way, but he was curious what it was. That something hit and it became apparent to him.

This was supposedly the injuries that were on his opponent, and some more abstract things like pain. Abstract things and attacks interacted with him strangely, he remembered having a quick duel with ΛntƱKchi Laus. —or Lan'i as was her shorter name— and her casting a spell that was intended to slow the mind to a crawl, when the spell landed, his mind wasn't slowed, but instead he had more erratic fluctuations in his 'physical' body for a few minutes before it subsided. It was likely that the spell was intended for those that actually had biological brains, but that's neither here nor there.

As the supposed pain hit, Eubeal felt none, and instead felt his self vibrate more, a few thousand times a second, accidentally burning, but not incinerating, the clothes he stole. He lowered the heat to a few numbers short of absolute zero, both to counteract the heat produced by the vibration and to keep the suit in tact. He wasn't irritated though, as this wasn't really his suit.

As frost started forming on his suit and in the area around him, He looked at his hand, it was indeed still vibrating, quantum and physical fluctations that vaguely held the form of a five fingered human hand, to those that saw through light, it would look like an ever-shifting wave of orange, like a refined solar flare that never ended.

Eubeal almost forgot to counter-attack.

He created a few hundred rocks the size of torsos by selecting some hundreds of sand grains and giving them proportional mass and volume. He then let them fly at his opponent with velocity, at the same Mach 8 speeds from earlier when he sent the miniscule star, each rock making a sonic boom as they took off and sounding as if someone were firing a machine gun.

Speaking of the star, he brought it back to him by reducing distance again, and he instantly reduced all its heat and turned it into a chunk of ice and dropped it, the drastic interaction creating a small explosion that Eubeal had to reduce the force to 0 so that it didn't rip the fabric of his suit. He just wanted to make sure the small star wouldn't bother either of them and wouldn't have consequences on the planet if left alone too long.

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At first, Ioc had only watched as hundreds of large rocks formed from levitated grains of sand.

Then Ioc gasped, realizing that this was an opponent and not an 8-year-old's magician.

Storms. It had loved that magician.

It thought quickly, and it's motions became a blur with Feruchemy as it reached teleported towards it's fallen bag, picked it up, withdrew a piece of chalk, and drew a straight line of the floor.

A sonic boom.

A gigantic crash and hundreds of rocks were forced out of their momentum by an unresisting wall. The force bent the Line of Forbiddance.

'WHAT???' thought Subconscious.

However, the danger was past. 

Time to retaliate.

Ioc had a plan.

It Lashed it's bag upwards into the sky with quite a lot of stormlight; after retrieving several items, of course.

One of these was an incendiary grenade, and another was the knife it had juggled at the Waystop.

Ioc, moving with the speed only Feruchemy could grant, Used the surge of Adhesion to glue the incendiary grenade to the hilt of the knive, then coated the knife in stormlight, making it wind-resistance resistant, then Lashed in towards the enemy with multiple Lashings.

One hand did this.

The other pulled a box-like motivator out of a side pocket, with was the destination end of a wire that lead into another pair of glasses. Ioc fitted these on, then places the Firebringer's Lens over them. Then, it pulled out another, single lens. A Bestower's Lens. It used the Surge of Adhesion to glue that onto one of the Firebringer's Lenses.

Then, it ripped it's arm off, which was extremely painful. But the arm would grow back with healing.

So, it's attack was this:

Falling faster than a bullet towards the enemy was a large knife with an incendiary grenade attached to it. The grenade would go off with enough kinetic energy against it, such as, say, hitting a body.

From Ioc's head flew a gigantic, molten laser with the power of Nicrosil, the Firebringer's Lens, and a motivator that also shot lasers. This laser was also gifted the ability to shear limbs from bodies, given from Ioc's own ability.

Ioc was intrigued to see where this would lead.

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There were different kinds of humour from different sapient species, and Eubeal thought it would be human-humourous to use his opponent's own favourite power against him: gravity.

Eubeal took away the gravitational vectors of the knife toward him then instantly added quadruple the amount backward toward his opponent, the knife started slowing in mid-air, then fell backwards at faster speeds toward his opponent.

The laser was liable to be problem, so he didn't take the chance. He shifted aside with distance, just enough to clear the girth of the beam, then he increased the gravitational pull of his immediate surroundings, strong but not reaching far that it could attract houses from a continent away and cause the planet to start imploding, just reaching far enough for it to do the thing it needed to.

Gravity was an interesting thing, it was a vector value force, but it was also the distortion in space time massive objects had that attracted other objects to them, like a bowling ball on a trampoline.

It could also bend light.

The laser passed by and threatened to singe the fabric on his clothes from heat convection alone, so he turned down the heat, just enough to prevent it from singeing. Then, the laser bent, It didn't really bend, per se, it was still going in a straight line, it was spacetime that bent. It would just look like it bent to an observer who used light to see.

Like a black hole with Eubeal as the center, but without being a real black hole, the laser curved around him, behind him, then back toward his opponent. This was normally not what singularities do, but he made it so that the gravitational force wasn't consistent, but varied throughout to accomplish this effect.

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Ioc tapped mental speed. The knife slowed in its path, then began falling back towards it.

The laser bent around the enemy, back towards Ioc as well.

'Darn,' Ioc thought.

Ioc stopped shooting the laser from it's eyes, but there was still a laser coming at it.

Ioc was aware of a slight pulling sensation of Eubeal, but it ignored this.The knife was was picking up speed.

Ioc knew that conventional methods wouldn't fight this creature.

Ioc stopped tapping Mental Speed, and the laser and knife became blurs as they rushed towards it.

Amberite bolted up Ioc’s arms, not fast enough to take away all of the damage from the knife or gigantic laser, but Ioc, didn't die, so, that was fun.

Ioc let it’s crumbling Amberite, smoking from where the wrist-sized laser had hit, and considered an option it hadn't ever used before.

Compounded Copper, one of the few metals Ioc could compound.

Most Feruchemical metals gave back what you put it in, but when compounded metals gave back more than what was given.

In the case of copper, this produced fake memories.

Ioc compounded until it found the one it wanted, a memory which featured Ioc and Eubeal talking before the battle. In the memory, Eubeal promised that he would share his weaknesses with Ioc during the fight.

Ioc took this memory and gave it to Eubeal via Bestower’s Lens.

Ioc hoped this worked.

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Eubeal saw another abstraction flying toward him, and he didn't move out of the way again. Then he remembered something: Him promising Ioc that he'd share his weaknesses. The way this memory just came up was suspicious and he knew for a fact that this was a fabricated one, especially with how different this one was in relation to how he usually stored experiences. That and his current connection with the strange voice verified to him that those were indeed not his own.

That was alright though.

"You know I could've just lied about making that promise anyway, right?" He begun, "but I'll give it to you though, that was well thought. I can only be harmed by energy equivalent to a star, specifically the energy the star produces in a millenia. I also said harmed, not killed, it's likely it'd take a few hundred stars to actually dissipate me completely." He nodded. "Oh and," he supposed he could give up a bit more information, who knows, maybe his opponent would give up from the sheer weight of his words, "my primary abilities are the control of scalar values, I have 4 Stages that I can reach by gathering dormant energy. Currently I'm at Stage 2 which grants me control over vectors and vector values, that was how I used gravity."

He demonstrated by using force and velocity vectors to manipulate the sand around him, turning them into unnaturally symmetrical tendrils, about a few dozen of them. He just let them stand as he waited for Ioc's response, the sand looking more like pillars than tendrils.

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"Ya know," Ioc said, "I appreciate the offer, and I hope to be able to call upon it later if I start to die and stuff, but for now, ya know, i'm kinda angry that you took me away from that Waystop place. I'm sure you're a great guy and all, but I think I'll settle with the long and tedious match for now,"

The decision made, Ioc took a step forward.

Then burst alight with beige fire.

The color coated it's arms first, then spread upwards and downwards.

As the beige crept up it's face, the skull bent into a flat shape, the eyed spreading over both halves of it's head like spilled honey.

The finger's on it's hands melded into it's wrist, creating a hard, flat surface where the knuckles should be.

The feet grew inward, melding into it's shin, and the ankle triangulated to put more surface area on the ground.

It became the closest it could get to it's true form. It's skin was beige, as was the perpetual mist that flowed out of it's pores.

It's forearms blurred into an undecipherable yet solid shape, obscured by the mist that flowed from it.

Ioc was ready. 

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"Understandable." Eubeal nodded.

Eubeal saw his opponent change forms, a usual dead ringer for an increase in power, Eubeal would answer with his own, but he was already at Stage 2, and he didn't wish to progress to Stage 3, especially not on an inhabited planet, Stage 3 was troublesome, but Stage 4 was fantastic, and Stage 4 negated the needs of Stage 3. Perhaps he could absorb a huge amount of energy and dilate time so that he was directly at 4? That was something to consider for later.

For now, he let the many dozens of sand tendrils coil and shoot toward Ioc, at a speed of a few hundred kilometers per second, reaching near 10% lightspeed, the atmosphere heating the tips up and turned them into hot glass. He let himself be unbound by gravity so that he floated. Then he heated up the air around his opponent in a sphere, turning the air into plasma, quickly contracting in a large sphere around Ioc at Mach 8. The sand would probably get there first though.

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sorry for the short post. I gotta go.

Ioc let everything hit it. The sand, the plasma, everything. The plasma would have crushed it if not for Ioc's power. Even so, Ioc was impressed.

It healed. 

If it had a mouth, it would smile.

Ioc was powerful. This was amazing! For the first time in years, Ioc could become itself.

Ioc moved at a blur. If the enemy didn't dodge, it would punch him with it's flat-ended arms, This would, surely, at least tickle the creature. Or, at least, knock him back.


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no problem!

Ioc moved quickly, but not quickly enough.

Eubeal put up his 'Shred Barrier' Using velocity, he manipulated the wind in front of him and only in front of him, million kilometer gales raging in front and terminating at a point creating just a wall of wind, he augmented the wind wall with a few megatons of vector force going forward in a constant stream. He took care not to cause any collateral damage with this.

His opponent's newfound durability was impressive, but if needed, he'd use distance to bring both of them somewhere in deepspace so he could start throwing more attacks that were lethal against higher level enemies.

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Ioc ran.

And ran.

And ran.

Darn, it wasn't even moving forward. The opposite, in fact.

Ioc looked up, and was hit in the face by a burst of wind, and it was thrown back.

Ioc growled.

It could just teleport away, but what was the fun in that...

Ioc pulled out a Windstormer's Lens.

Any regular occulator would be unable to match these winds with their own.

Ioc was not regular occulator.

The wind made it hard to move, so Ioc just stood straight and threw the Lenses upwards. The wind pushed them into it's face.

It was a strange sensation; the Lenses were small, but Ioc's eyed discoverer it's entire skull.

Ioc moved it's focus to see through the tiny glasses, then pushed wind through them.

It stabilized itself with Investiture, then added power to the Lens with a different power, a power unique to Ioc itself.

And the winds ceased.

Ioc paused, then strode forward through the air that should be pushing it but was being negated by Ioc's own wind.

It's arms glowed beige once more, and they extended, the stretch of arm from the elbows down growing until it's stumpy wrists reached it's knees.

Ioc drew back it's arm.

And made a punching motion.

And the arm grew the distance necessary to strike the enemy in the face.

Assuming, of course, the enemy didn't retaliate.

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Eubeal raised his hand forward, using distance to coat his 'hand' in sand then freezing them over. He needed something so that he could actually touch and be touched. His opponent's attacks were getting much slower than before, but maybe they were stronger?

He increased the density of the ice hand just on the verge of creating a singularity, without actually making one, then he cut gravity so that the ice-hand wasn't heavy. When he caught Ioc's arm, he then sent a burst of a gigaton of force, which was the force of the explosion from one of those human nuclear warheads that he'd heard so much about. He made sure that the lingering collateral force and interactions didn't do any collateral damage to the surroundings.

He lowered the heat of the area around Ioc, flash-freezing anything in that vicinity, possibly even his opponent.

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Ioc's fist was caught.

Storms. Ioc had yet to learn that just because something looked cool didn't mean it had to work.

Then, it's arm broke.

As in, it shattered. All of Ioc's hard work that went into growing it's own limb was gone.

Along with, of course, the limb itself.

In addition, Ioc was thrown back, it's beige body cracking, then cracked more as everything froze.

What the heck?

Who was this?

Ioc was the most powerful it had been in centuries. And this being caught it's fist.

'Fine,' Ioc thought. 'Time to potentially die,'

Ioc dissipated in a cloud of smoke. It reappeared near the enemy.

Ioc's plan was to dissipate it's fist, and only it's fist, punch the enemy in the face with said fist, then reform the fist inside the enemy's face.

Ioc wouldn't mess up. It would be vulnerable for, at most, a couple seconds before the plan was finished.

But Ioc din't know the creature. Perhaps the plan would fail. 

One way to find out.


Cyanic do what you want.


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Ioc's strike connected, his fist inside the chrome mask, and he'd feel his fist reforming, though the tides of the physical interactions inside Eubeal's body would somewhat mess with the re-materialization process.

Eubeal ducked out of his mask, leaving the chrome mask still on his opponent's arm, but it would allow it to re-materialize his arm now. Though, he didn't really care about his mask as much as his suits, the masks were easy to make or have made, the suits weren't. His face showed (https://img08.deviantart.net/7dda/i/2008/284/e/0/scary_halloween_face_by_ladylyonnesse.jpg ) It was a few million physical interactions and quantum fluctuations that happened constantly and simultaneously which gave it the look of constantly moving orange ripples.

He used distance to bring the both of them in a point in deep space.

"Now that we're here, do you wish to surrender and come with me, or do you wish to continue the fight? We're in uninhabited space now, I can sling stars and planets at you without risking collateral damage." Eubeal spoke through vibrations in the particles and waves, there wasn't an atmosphere here so he couldn't communicate through sound waves.

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