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16 equal Splinters


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I believe there's a WoB about Splintering being similar to the Shattering. Given the role (whatever it is) of fractals in the Cosmere, if you Splintered a Shard into 16 equal pieces, could you "reenact" the Shattering, as it were? What I mean is: supposing that the Shattering had side-effects over and above those that accompany regular Splintering (at least by analogy with the difference between a nova and a supernova, or a black hole and a supermassive blackhole?), would those special side-effects take place during the, uh, Splattering? And if so, would there be a significant qualitative difference between self-aware Splinters of regular Splinterings, versus those of the Splattering?

(This question involves a quasi-theory of Autonomic Avatars :ph34r: Namely, that they are extremely special Splinters. Of course all manner of Splinters might be supposed unique and special and whatever, but here the assumption is that there is a meta-level difference between a Shard having = ~16, and a Shard having x = exactly 16, Splinters.)

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