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It's great to finally join the site - I've been a longtime lurker. Anyways, I'm Ketek (if you're wondering why a poem can type, think of me as a poemspren or something  :P), and I was first introduced to Sanderson's work through Mistborn. Then I read Warbreaker, The Way of Kings, and Elantris. And yes, I have also read Words of Radiance, along with every other Cosmere story, save the unpublished works, bar Liar of Partinel.


I suppose I'll end this by stating several facts about myself:


- I am left-handed.

- I have written a ketek before, although I think Sanderson's are way better.

- I am a Gooner.

- If I could be a Knight Radiant, I would probably be a Lightweaver, being a writer and all...

- I am 21.


I look forward to discussing theories with you people on this forum!

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