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Nine points circles defense


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So this is something I have been thinking for a while now, i'm something of a math enthusiast (though I had geometry) but I sure know muy stuff, the thing is, every triangle can create a nine point circle as long allí their sides are diferent, so, how do you know which triangle you use as base while doing this defense? Or you can just decide your triangle depending of your situation? 

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12 hours ago, I'm pretty said:

Also, you spelled the title wrong.

Did I? damnation... How is supposed to be?


12 hours ago, I'm pretty said:

I'm pretty sure you can just decide your triangle. It is just hard to put all the lines and chalklings in the right places.

So can I take an isosceles an do a 8 point triangle (as the middle point and the high of the base is the same point) ? Or is a nine point circle whith a point extrapowerfull? 

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I'm pretty sure all Circles of Warding have bind points relative to an imagined triangle. three points, five points, seven and eight points I think have been confirmed. two, four and six points all have imagined triangles, though these are not always necessary like they are in 9 points.

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