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allomantic symbols


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I'm sorry if there is a thread already, but i did a search and didn't see one. My question is is there an official symbol for each metal? Reason I ask is because i did a google search for Lerasium and got three different looking symbols all saying lerasium. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of it and want to be certain. Thank you!

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The symbols for the various metals changes between the various books as long spans of time in the world passes. So, for instance, the allomancy chart from The Final Empire is different than the one in Alloy of Law because hundreds of years have passed and the stylistic design of each symbol has evolved. They have the same basic shape, just stylized differently. They are also represented differently by different cultures in the world. The Terrismen have a different set of symbols than the Final Empire's. 


So, for your tattoo, you'd have to decide on what time period of Scadrial you'd want to represent or which culture's alphabet you want to use.


Edit: the symbols from the ars arcanum in the first mistborn series are the most common ones represented though so probably your best choice if you want it to be widely recocnized as Lerasium. These symbols:



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