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My name is Nalan and I'm a Rosharoholic.


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My name is actually Dan, but Nalan is the Herald I identify with the most. But I am an admitted Rosharoholic.


About me...hmmm...is this where I make a played joke about walks on the beach? Let's see...I'm an avid reader of fiction. I love Preston-Childs and G.R.R. Martin. I've loved Philip Jose Farmer. Love books with maps! Not sure why. I love to make maps myself - it's something that me and my kids do for fun.


The depth of Sanderson's universe humbles me. I sometimes ponder how he constructed it. I assume he made some mistakes and then realized that he had to first establish the Truth and then work backwards from that. That's how I'd do it.


That said, so far I've only read Stormlight and Steelheart, but I suspect I'll read even more (if for no other reason to learn more about Wit/Hoid).


Anyway, my other interests include White Denim, an American rock band out of Austin, TX. I think they're the greatest band in the world. If you like Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan or if you can just appreciate great musicianship in general, you should check them out. Their rhythm section is the best I've ever heard.


I'm happily married with three great kids and I live outside of Denver, CO.


I also like beer and am gifted with the ability to locate it through sight or smell.


I'll try to contribute positively to this forum. But I have a sardonic side that I'm trying to curb.



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