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So, I'm not exactly certain what you guys want here. I'm a huge Wheel of Time fan, and I migrated over to Brandon once he picked up the baton from Harriet and carried it to the finish line. I've met Brandon at least 5 times at various signings, I've been to JordanCon once (just haven't had the time to be able to return, darn work), and my handle comes from the fact that at the signing for The Gathering Storm here in the NoVA area, I misquoted Robert Jordan to Brandon and set the Theoryland folk on their heads because of the conflicting signing reports. I have brought Brandon M:tG cards at every signing in tribute to that mistake. If you were at the signing on Thursday in Tyson's Corner, I was the guy in the third row of seats during the Q&A to whom Brandon said hello. I was wearing a Theoryland tee-shirt.


Outside of my interest in fandom (though I don't typically theorize much), I am a restaurant manager for one unit in a nation wide chain (we only have 66 restaurants currently, not a big chain). Other than that, I play D&D with my roommates and friends about once a month and I love to read. I have discovered that I now need to go back in time and read Elantris and Warbreaker.


It's always good to meet a community of like-minded individuals, and I hope I can join in on some of the conversations once I get myself going!

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