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Can you swap some promotional swag/loot?

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With permission from the 17th Shard (thanks) I am listing a few of the extra promotional items I have. I'm hoping that someone is willing to swap for items I've been chasing for my collection. If you have any of the items listed below and want something I have please PM me. 
No interest/takers on swaps so all items are still available. Looks like this might take a long time (or never) so I wanted to mention that I will make updates if any items become unavailable so if someone reads this post in a year or two and want to swap please feel free to ask.
What am I chasing? 
Rithmatist Chalk Bag
Rithmatist Bookmark
Obliteration Steelhunt cutout card (would really like one still in unpunched condition)
Way of Kings - Epic Bookmark with Roshar map 
Way of Kings Postcard
Radiant Pins
Oathbringer Pin/Badge
Alcatraz Pin/Badge
Evil Librarian Pin/Badge
Mistborn - Bands of Mourning Bookmark
Mistborn - Shadows of Self Bookmark
What do I have to swap!
Szeth Cutout Card
Stormlight Archive Pocket Guide
Oathbringer Epic Roshar Bookmark 
Reckoners Steelhunt cards of Proof, David & Megan
Reckoners Postcards 
Reckoners Sticker (Remember Everything Forgive Nothing)
Brandon Sanderson Bookmark

Brandon Sanderson Swag.jpg

Sanderson Items to swap.jpg

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