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[OB] The Sibling and the Singers


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When Dalinar first questions the Stormfather about the Sibling, He says “No! You hurt them enough!”. Bit of a stretch, but considering who Dalinar had just been hurting at the time (or at least relatively recently hurting), there might be some connection between the Singers and the Sibling.

Considering Venli was already given the ability of Connection via envoyform, it makes sense for her to bond the Sibling if it was somehow related to the Parshendi. Maybe the realization that the Singers were the original Rosharans is what made the Sibling withdraw in the first place, because it associates with what is percieved as the natives of Roshar. (Cognitive Realm, becase spren are cognitive beings? Stretch, but that’s what I have.)

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It will be interesting to see how Listener forms and a secondary higher spren bond make for some interesting resonances. 

I don't see Venli bonding the Sibling, partly because she is already bonding to Timbre. 

Also, would this be exactly like a regular Radiant? 

My suspicion is, that a Nahel bond, is a higher spren bond for humans. There will be corresponding kinds of bonds for Listeners and Aimians. All of which will have different ways they apply the fundamental surges. Listener forms are a kind of bond. I suspect that ancient fabrials are related to Aimian bonds.

Of course, we also have human-Listener hybrids who are exhibiting Spren bonds, namely Rock (sees spren, is a squire, and used a Shardbow) and Lopen (Radiant). It will be interesting to see how they are different from regular Radiants)

There are also human-Aimian hybrids we have seen very little of. It will be interesting to see how unique their spren bonds are.

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