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Reminder: No Oathbringer Spoilers Here Yet Either

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Per our Oathbringer spoiler policy, Oathbringer content of any kind is not allowed in this subforum. Even if you place it behind spoiler tags, it will be edited out by the moderators (or the post hidden entirely, if there wouldn't be anything left after removing spoilers.) This policy remain be in place for nine months after release (August 14th 2018, or thereabouts)

If you have posted a topic in this forum that you wish to be moved to the spoiler board, please use the "Report" feature on your own topic (sounds weird, but nothing to be afraid of), and a moderator will move your post for you. If you want to post Oathbringer content in a topic in this forum, check to see if a similar topic exists in the Oathbringer subforum; if it does not, feel free to create a new thread there for it.

You can see our full spoiler policy in the following thread:

Thank you all for your continued commitment to those who are still working through the book or have not had a chance to obtain it yet.

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