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Keteks and Questions


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So I was trying to write Keteks for characters, and ended up questions.  Keteks should read the same forwards and backwards, but does mean the words can have different meanings as long as they sound the same? (See Adolin's ketek). 

[Kaladin's ketek ]

A newborn wind. Broken, but surviving. Aloft, bonded aloft. Surviving, but broken. Wind, born anew. 


[Adolin's ketek]

Hauls in dueling two. Stabbing, I try. Eye stabbing, two duel in halls.


[Stick's ketek]

Unknown purpose? Living questioned, life uncertain. Life questioned, living purpose unknown ....

Plea to change, be another. Fire. No. Fire! Another changes to pleas.

Am I stick? I am.


Can you deconstruct words into prefixes/suffixes as long as it follows the verbal pattern? Example:

You know, undo. Restart, do unknown, you.



[in hindsight this should go on the ketek topic which I just noticed. Sorry!  Is there a way to move/delete it?]

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