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How long has Tavanast been dead?

Andrew C

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Been trying to work this out and don't see any evidence in the books so far.


Was Tavanast killed by the betrayal of the nine Heralds 4500 years ago? Was He killed by the Recreance? Or was it a direct attack by Odium and/or his mortal agents at some time we have no evidence of? (The end of WoK has him state that "Odium has killed me" but I'm not sure if that implies a direct attack, or if He was killed indirectly akin to how Syl was dying in some of WoR; if the Recreance was Odium's doing then this may have been the case).


Was the revisionism of the Heirocracy related to some of the ardentia discovering that the Almighty was slain?


Or is Tavanast's death much more recent?

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I'm betting on more recent, on the assumption that all the visions are based on things he directly witnessed.

My guess is that his death was a lot like Preservation's, in that he was mortally weakened, but in such a way that it took him centuries or millenia to finally die.

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It sounds like the killing of Honor was direct.  According to the Stormfather:


I am the sliver of Him that remains.  I saw His corpse, saw Him die when Odium murdered Him. And I . . . I fled.  To continue as I always have. The piece of God left in this world, the winds that men must feel.

~Page 990

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