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Finally joined


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Might as well step up and be the welcoming committee..So Welcome to the 17shard!

I think you will find that most people here are pretty awesome, from what I know most of us are Huge fans of Brandon and we all enjoy theorizing or just talking(Typing? :D ).in general. I have honestly read some of the most detailed theory's here that have quite honestly blown my mind. I suggest you poke around and have some fun, I spend a lot of time here when I'm bored and dont have anything interesting to read/do.


:lol: So again welcome to the 17shard. :lol:

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I'm also new to the sight and thought it seemed an appropriate place to say hi here so ... Hi! I'm Saras (happy to blashpheme though my original name was also perfect it was taken), I just finished WoR and have been working at translating Shallan's notes. I cheated by Googling to find some help and was Blown Away by the amount that you guys have completed. You rock! Can't wait to dig in. Great community.

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