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Rashek sings!


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To the tune of "Shiny" from Moana

Well you see Rashek didn't use to have this bod
I used to be a mad little pack man
But then I gained the powers of a god
Now I'm divinity, baby
Did the Surivor say, "He is just a man"?
"He has faults, we can beat him"?
I just need three words to prove to you you can't
Your Keslier died

Oh I'm the Lord Ruler
I use Allomancy like I am a boss
And you're a hoss next to the Lord Ruler
I wear bracelets just to show off all my skills
Give you a toss, don't you know?
Skaa are dumb, dumb, dumb
They think that I'm not dominant, dumb peasents
Oh, and here they come, come, come
To stab the only thing that's dominant
Look dead peasents.

I'd like a challenge
Is this all you could manage?

Well, well, well
Little Mistborn's having trouble with my priest
You little urchin vermin gutter trash
Ouch! What a terrible performance
Get a spike! (For her)
At least your mentor did some damage, girl

Yet I have to give you credit for your try
Even if you are dumber than Kelsier
And now I can give a new Inquistor atium
Don't try to run, you see

I'm the Lord Ruler!
You'll never how much worse off you could be
And you wont's see, because I'm the Lord Ruler
Send your rabble but they could not ever hinder me
I'd kill endlessly, Mistborn girl
You could try, try, try
But you can't expect a gutter trash
To beat an Ascendant (look it up)
You will die, die, die
Now it's time for me to take apart
Your aching heart

Far from a challenge
I've found you quite boring
You've upset the priesthood
With this little House Warring
You've fought hard to win
But you're just a dirty urchin, Vin

Mistborn! Do you you feel ever so forlorn?
I'm not someone I am the Lord Ruler

Just give up because if manage to kill me
Then you'll see , why I'm the Lord Ruler
I've protected you for more than ten centuries 
And you'll agree

You could never be the Lord Ruler
You'll probably miss the Lord Ruler!

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