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Hello. My name is Inigo--wait, no, it's not. Uh. HI.

Nero Vance

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Hello! I'm a huge Sanderson fan, and now that I just finished Words of Radiance and successfully destroyed my sleep schedule, I feel like I have to discuss the series with someone. 


I'm a big murder mystery fan(like the golden age classics, John Dickson Carr, Agatha Christie and co) and used to not like fantasy all that much until I read Mistborn. The book was just so damnation fun I had to read everything I could by the author, and now I'm a huge fantasy geek too. 


My favorite book is probably...hm, going to go with Words of Radiance. It might be the post-marathon talking, but I really had a lot of fun with the book. After that, it would probably be Way of Kings. 

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