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[OB] Oathgates and Urithiru connections


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Description:  Is there a connection between the Oathgates and their locations and Urithiru beyond the obvious?  Are there gates we don't know about?  Where are the Oathgates in Shinovar and Aimia located?


Hey guys Oathbringer is out,  we have new maps!  So going over the the map that Salkara made (the black and white one along with the idea of drawing straight lines from the colored map (sorry I don't know it's creator.  Please forgive my use of it.) I came up with the 3rd map.

Now I admit what I am about to say may not hold up on a globus of Roshar, and I CERTAINLY don't want to slight Brandon's and Peter's dedication, but I have to seriously ask if Brandon and Peter would have plotted this on a GIS program capable of creating a globus?

The plot I drew up raises some interesting questions.

1) As you can see, you can plot all of the vectors thru or very close to where Urithiru is plotted on the map.  So, question is why?  Is there something special about Urithiru other than its fantastic defensive location, something that allowed the creation of the gates? Or, is it  more mundane? Were the Cities' Oathgate locations chosen first and Urithiru simply happened to be a least common denominator location?

2) Two of the vectors connect different cities. Kholinar -> Azimir and Thaylen City -> Panatham. So extrapolating from this and treating all 10 gates at Urithiru as a common whole:  DOES there need to be an even number of cities on a vector to balance the math? We know how much symmetry is valued on Roshar.

That being the case what about the Stormseat->Vedenar->Urithiru vector?  It's interesting that this vector continues thru Shinovar and then Aimia.  Given that, I took some liberties.  We know that Akinah is beyond one of the larger islands.   And, as far as Shinovar is concerned, we now know that humans came from another world and humans love building cities on rivers and deltas. Given these facts and the vector line I think the gates may be close to the two points I plotted.

3) So that leads to a couple of flaws.  Ral Elorim and Kurth.  If they have them, where are their balancing gates to the south of Urithiru?

4)  The huge gaps In the Northeast and Southwest.  Why?  One possible answer might be the location of Honor's and Cultivation's Perpendicularities.  Maybe the gate vectors have to be a certain distance from the Perpendicularities.  I realize the Kholinar vector goes straight thru the Horneater peaks.  But we now know that Cultivation's is in the peaks.  If the perpendicularity is in the northern peaks this might hold up. And if that's the case, even though the second Perpendicularity is supposed to appear in random locations and times, could there be something else on the Tukar Peninsula near Icewater?

Roshar Globe.jpg


oathgate lines.jpg

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