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[spoilers] Mistborn vs Stormlight


Mistborn vs Stormlight  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer, Mistborn or Stormlight

    • Mistborn
    • Stormlight

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But seriously, this is a really hard question. I love them both in their own ways. Mistborn is amazing all around, the Metallic Arts is my favorite magic system of Sanderson's and HoA is definitely my favorite ending as of yet. I also really enjoyed many of the themes throughout mistborn. On the other hand, stormlight probably wins as my favorite series, however I feel that they are hard to compare since the stormlight books are much longer and there are more than three times as many books, a lot more content can be packed in there. (although I guess not if you count all the eras, but the difference is that stormlight doesn't  have large gaps between eras, it's much more of 1 continuous story) I think Stormlight has more interesting worldbuilding and a much larger scope with a lot of big, Cosmere-relevant stuff going on.  There was also a good amount of that in mistborn, but not so much until the 3rd book. But again, that is mostly due to their length.

So, I love them both for different things, but if I was forced to choose, stormlight would win even though mistborn is a very, very close second in my opinion.


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This is really close, but I'm going to have to pick Mistborn, for now.  

The reason is Hero of Ages is one of the best endings to a series I've ever read.  I thought it was fantastic and I always smile when I'm reading where the world is remade and everyone sees flowers and grass for the first time.  Only being 3 books in, Stormlight doesn't have this awesome ending yet, but I'm sure it will, and I think it will win in the end.  

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I love Mistborn, it was my first Cosmere series, and some of the characters (Elend, Breeze and Sazed particularly) will always be in my top 10 faves. However, Stormlight has in my opinion more relatable characters, and an interesting magic system. I also love the Listeners (/Singers) and Renarin, Adolin and Jasnah are currently fighting to be my favorite Sanderson Characters. So, Stormlight just about wins. 

It also gets bonus points for the Warbreaker characters (Warbreaker is awesome), and amount of on-screen Hoid time. 

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