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Hi Guys, i've lurked on here a few times, but mostly been present on Reddit (r/Stormlight_Archive).  FInally decided to join the forums here for some more quality discussions.

I've read 90% of the Cosmere books at least once, i'm sure i've missed a couple of the shorter stories from Arcanum Unbounded, as i skipped a few to get to Edgedancer.

I love wob.coppermind.com, good job whoever made that.

I'm an Audiobook listener, as i drive lots, although i do own ebook versions, which i use to reference things when i'm theorizing.

I'm from the UK so i spell things differently to most of you guys ;-) so forgive me if i ever write Honour.


Oh and i;ve listened to several SHardcast episodes and its Definitely Nale (NAIL) not Nale (NARLAY) :-)

Hope to have many great conversations on here.

From looking at the preview of this post before i post it, it seems like i also don't capitalise when i talk about myself in the first person! I cant be bothered to go through all that changing i to I lol.

Lastly, thank The Heralds that you can use your email address to log in and not just your username...


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