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This is a short story where new additions will be published serially. I'm still working on the timing. I'll post more on that later. 

If you want to comment or constructively critisize or discuss or any other crazy urge like those you can do that here

EDIT: I'll just have this be my writing dump.

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Entry 1
   I had always liked the snow. Even when I was young, the snow lured me out of my house despite the dangers it brought. The whole town stayed inside their homes hoping to escape the snow, not I. I went outside and explored this strange new world, softening the features of my rustic and humble hometown.
   The mountains could hardly be seen through the snow and the pillars of natural rock marking the edge of the forest and beginning of danger could be at long last ignored. That world behind the pillars, a world of eternal snow and winter, forests and mountains all held behind the pillars. If I turned away from the mountains and looked down the roads towards the other villages I could observe just how empty the plains we lived on were, excepting the occasional scraggly tree.
   The lack of trees is why everything in that small town had been made of stone. because no-one not even the bravest and most foolhardy would brave the forest beyond the standing pillars.
   As the years went by the villagers began to shun me, my obsession with winter was unhealthy they would say. "That young gal is gonna get herself killed one of these days" Bareal would often say, keeper of the only inn in town. "She's messing with things that should be left alone," Mother would tell father when they thought I wasn't listening. But I persisted and found the most beautiful things.
   Snow, I found, and everything in winter's domain could be manipulated. Soon I could cause snow to appear at will falling from seemingly no-where. And I soon became capable of various other harmless magics at only the age of fourteen. But by then I started to know.
   Ours was the sacrifice village, we lived so close to the forests and mountains so that if the evil power inside should become angry it would target only us and leave the other villages alone. So naturally our village was shunned by all the others, only the occasional traveler coming to the town and only then to try our sweetbreads, and then they always left as soon as they came.
   I kept my magics hidden, hoping that if I did so perhaps the others in the town would not come for my family. But it was not to be.
   Oglair, the towns mercenary, happened upon me as I was practicing with my powers on the edge of the woods, The mighty man screamed and ran back to the village calling for a mob, "There's a witch among us!" twas the call that soon rose from the village and cause my hair to stand on end.
   Left no choice I fled into the woods, beyond the pillars hoping that perhaps the villagers might not follow. I didn't even get three paces inside before fog and mist appeared with grasping fingers, seeming to push me silently farther in. Strangely a voice whispered inside my head. Flee, flee precious one, danger follows.
   Never was I a gambling woman so I fled with the voice, taking my chances of life.
   Later I have found that most of the mob had stopped at the edge of the wood, and only the strongest had dared chase me, to put an end to this trouble they would claim.
   I fled deep within the wood. Pines of tremendous height rose around me, laden with heavy snow, the mountains soared overhead dominating the horizon. But the men drew nearer, their voices overlapping as they searched.
   The voice then pulled me to a clearing where my fate would be sealed. The men were almost upon me, maybe ten paces away. The fog cleared. No. It more of pushed back, out of the clearing, leaving only a single bit of dense mist floating in the center. The mans voices froze mid-shout and I felt that I stood in the presence of the very thing that kept the world living in fear.
   Good morning precious one, a female voice whispered seeming to emanate from the mist creature. You know what I will ask, It whispered in my mind. The pines seemed to lean in and the light dimmed as the mist churned more violently. I simply nodded as I stared at this almost god before me, its power palpable in the clearing. It coalesced into a single unmoving form seeming to stare at me.
   What do you want? It asked, seeming to creep a little closer.
   I looked down, "What do you mean?" The whisper escaped my lips.
   Anything can be yours. Be wary I have not offered this in many millennia and the last did not go well for the recipient. Choose wisely.
   "I want to live forever, and do as I wish," I said immediately tears seeping at the corners of my eyes.
   Be it so, precious one, the voice whispered soothingly. Then a great cold seemed to seep into my very soul, freezing everything within my veins. I stood taller, my hair loose around my shoulders. The fog seemed to surge, then flooded forward and surrounded me.
   Do you promise to forever stay within this domain, held hostage by the pillars surrounding this land?
   "I do"
   Thou shalt have power untold within your realm, do you swear that you shall abide by your wish so long as you hold it?
   "I do"
   So swear.
   "I do so swear"
   Then be it as thine wish. I shall be held to my end, so you too shall be bound.
    As the voice said this a fish of light filled my eyes, reflecting off the snow and ice, and I witnessed my skin grow very pale and frost seemed to coat it slightly. My clothing seemed to drape themselves off my tiny frame in a more dignified manner.
    The men's shouts resumed and all the fog swirled more intensely, leaving the impression of giggling in my mind. The men entered the clearing and I faced them with a look of terror on my face.
    Oglair stepped forward his hulking frame bearing a sneer, his clothing was soaked from climbing through the snow. His dark curls seemed stringier and more limp than normal and his green eyes burned with an intense light.
   "You're gonna die now ya here?" He growled raising his bow. The two men did likewise. They're muscles rippled powerfully.
   This is your realm now, the matronly voiced whispered.Will you suffer this?
   I felt the power course through my veins again and grinned. I knew how this would go.
   "KILL THE WITCH," Oglair screamed at my grin.
   They loosed their arrows and each found their mark, my heart.
   Still it pulsed. Egging me on to commit the horror in my mind.
   "Goodbye," I whispered, a part of me deep inside screamed in horror at what came next. I raised my hand and conjured as I never had. A great ice spike became and thrust itself into Oglair's heart. Ripping him apart and pushing him into pine. Sticking him there.
   The snow became stained scarlet as Oglair gurgled staring at the projectile coming from his chest. he made eye contact with me, then the intense heat faded, and his head fell limp.
   The mist danced with glee swirling violently seeming to mock Oglair.
   The other two men stared at Oglair. Then promptly charged me, perhaps hoping to overwhelm me with numbers, perhaps hoping to avenge their comrade.
    Deep inside my voice screamed in pain, however I snuffed it out, taking full joy in my first slaughter. As they charged me, I danced aside Conjuring a blade made of ice in one hand then slicing the one on the right across his hamstring. His blood sprayed me, hot and sticky and I took joy in this man's pain, his scream causing me to shiver inside with warmth.
    A wind hurtled him up and away, impaling him on a tree branch. I dropped my hand and grinned at the last man, that wind I had conjured dancing around me, stirring the mists.
    The man's blood dripped, no, it cascaded down the tree darkening everything.
     "What are you?" the man still living asked.
     Choose your new name, the mist voice said quietly.
     I stood tall and looked this terrified man in the eyes. He dropped his weapon, and adopted a pleading look.
     I waved my hand and a thin sheet of ice appeared and sliced the man's head off, causing more blood to coat the snow. His face still portrayed pleading even in death.
     The joy and ecstasy wavered, then vanished. I fell to my knees amidst the carnage of these men, once powerful, now desecrated. and wept as the scream in my head returned, its horror evident in every fiber of my being. Soon I fell asleep amongst the snow, fading from reality.
     The screams of myself and those men followed me into the oblivion of sleep
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