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[OB] Cognitive Shadow


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Secret History spoilers


I thought of this question during my re-read of WoR. We know that Honor is the Cognitive Shadow of Honor, the shadow of a dead god. We know that Kelsier briefly took up the power of Preservation as a Cognitive Shadow, and we see Kelsier hearing that him being a Cognitive Shadow and attempting to Ascend isn't worth it. My question is that before Dalinar bonded the Stormfather, was the Stormfather acting under the same principles that Kelsier was when he Ascended, just on a smaller scale as Honor was splintered? The Stormfather not just being  of Honor but holding a piece of the actual shard the way that Kelsier does. Not a theory, just want to hear your guy's opinions on it. I feel that their has to be some similarity, but I understand it was two very different situations. 


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It seems to me that the fused are somehow now linked to the ever storm. The storm father could never hope to stand against odium, but could he go against the ever storm and through it, the fused.

we know there are world hoppers, if one of them carries the knowledge of kelsier. His existance as a splinter could provide a viable solution to the fused.

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