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Leather bound Warbreaker

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I have loved all of the Dragonsteel Leatherbound books so far, honestly I’m a bit obsessed with them, and they’re the pride of my bookshelf. So far, Brandon has committed to making these leatherbounds for The Hero of Ages and Warbreaker, and all recent interviews seem to indicate he plans to continue to do this with all his Cosmere books. 

My question/thought right now relates to the symbols that dominate the covers and binding of these books. On Elantris, it was the Aon for the city itself. For Mistborn 1 and 2, it has been the symbols for the first two allomantic metals, and I would expect this trend to continue. Whenever SA is done, I’m guessing they’ll match the Radiant symbols that are etched into the covers of the hardcover editions of the books. 

All this leaves is Warbreaker. The magic on Nalthis doesn’t have a set of symbols with it, and I couldn’t find or think of any for this book. I suppose you could do a sword (Nightblood), which would be epic, but that seems like it could be reserved to the eventual sequel who’s title is planned to actually be “Nightblood”. 

I just wanted to know if anyone had any guesses or had thought about this before. It’s driving me crazy trying to think of ideas lol

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Team Dragonsteel has developed some sort of symbol for Nalthis, like they did for the other cosmere worlds that appeared in AU. We didn’t get a story set on Nalthis, but I bet the symbol exists. Perhaps that will be what we see on the cover (although that begs the question of what will eventually appear on the cover of the Nightblood leather bound, but that’s probably 15+ years out xD)

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