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[OB] Odium and Honor


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I had a thought that's not really a theory, but more of a possible idea that could make for some fun speculation. I'm not trying to convince anyone that the following will happen, I just want to see what you guys think it would be like for SA and the cosmere in this "what if" scenario.

Instead of leading into it I'll just say it first. Odium being combined with the residual power of Honor by Dalinar or some other character in SA. I was thinking of possible "evil" shard combinations that would make for a really good villain in the future of the cosmere and that got me to thinking about just how could such a shard be defeated. Twist, turn, half a deep rabbit hole later, I tried coming up with a decent idea on how Odium could be defeated in a way that wouldn't go along with a classical "slaying the bad guy" trope and also creating interesting implications for the cosmere story line as a whole. 

I think a shard that combines Odium and the splinters of Honor would be fascinating to read. Would make for a really dynamic character as well as shake up the entire cosmere in terms of future plot lines. 

I'll bullet point errant thoughts that could provide some credence to this idea, but I'll be the first to admit that it's not much. 

  • The Dalinar arc is all about binding things and Unity. Dalinar uniting the Odium with the power of Honor to temper the evil intent could be feasible. They discover a way to kill the vessel(Rayse) and realizing that the shard is to dangerous, they combine it with honor it hopes that it will negate the threat.
  • With Harmony and Dalinar's "I am Unity" line, it feels like Brandon is setting us up for more shard combos. A combination of a Shard and splinters of another isn't something we've seen yet. 
  • Of the known original 16 shards, 2 of them can be construed as "evil". Ruin and Odium. If we count the Survival shard, there are still 5 unknown shards(has it been confirmed if the Patji Shard is just a avatar of Autonomy?). I would like to think that of those 5, at least one or a combination of the 5, also have evil-like Intents. If you make this assumption, then the power of a "evil" shard(Odium) combined with the remaining power of a "good" shard would be a decent opponent against another evil shard. Especially if Harmony's inaction continues. 
  • In my mind such a thing would be a Sanderson-style twist.


So, what are your guy's crazy ideas on if this happened?    

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According to The Letter, Odium is the "most frightening and terrible of all of the Shards." It would be difficult to combo it with another shard without danger.

Honor + Divine Hatred = "Everyone who does anything remotely dishonorable must die"

Cultivation + Divine Hatred = "You will grow and improve, or else."


Preservation supported The Lord Ruler. Seemingly good shards can do terrible things that go along with their intent. What if Odium were splintered?

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