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[OB] The fate of the Unmade


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 Since the end of book three, we are all guessing the unmade will some how be trapped in perfect gemstones. The thing is that we know of one unmade that was trapped and somehow escaped. While it was trapped by a light weaver not a bond smith, so that could explain how it got free. Also, even if they are all captured, we could expect the fused, void spren and the forces of odium, all attempting to set them free once more. Gemstones can always be shattered or broken.

i have this idea the unmade could be used in a giant fabrial, aimed at the fused. We know that at least one of them can affect both man and listerner. Another was linked and connected so deeply, that the listerners were deeply crippled. The fused are already deeply damaged and broken, so if the fused were joined to the unmade, it would remake them. One of the unmade when placed into a gemstone and swallowed remakes the host. Another of the nine, creates a type of spren. Together that could form a vessel to contain the whole fabrial of the nine, forever trapping them together.

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What we're mainly guessing is that some of the unmade have already been stuck in gemstones, as seen with Gavilar's black spheres.  He gave one to Eshonai and the other to Szeth.

The current idea seems to be that the sphere that Gavilar gave to Szeth contains Bo-Ado-Mishram, since it seems to be the most important unmade and would fit really well as a Chekhov's Gun.  Consensus on the other sphere hasn't been reached yet, since we don't know what Eshonai did with it after she left.

Plus they have Nightblood now, who may be able to just full-on eat an unmade in one sitting.

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