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OB Thoughts on hell and the tranquiline hall. Questions mostly.


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New to the forum, I believe I have these spoiler things right, so if you're still reading past this sentence and were somehow not expecting spoilers in the theories forum...my apologies.



So at this point we know that the humans are in fact the voidbringers, and that in all likelihood that 'void' which was brought was Odium with his desolations and his war on his 'siblings.'  We know the humans evacuated their planet en masse to run from the great catastrophe there, which we can likely attribute to Odium if this was not confirmed (I cannot recall if we know this specifically).  The whole Vorin religion is the notion of the humans fighting the voidbringers with Heralds on behalf of Honour to win back the Tranquiline Halls, and beat the voidbringers back to hell.  Given that the planet they are from is now confirmed as the hell which the Heralds have been bound to with the Oathpact, I have to imagine that the Tranquiline Halls is in fact the same planet as hell, giving some great symmetry and sad irony, as the great home the humans wish to return to is both heaven and hell, and that the great evil they think they fight, at least in name, is kind of themselves.  They are heroes and evil at the same time, and so too are the Parshmen.  Were they to regain the Tranquiline Halls they would indeed banish the true voidbringers to hell just by their own presence.  My point of this post is to see everyone else's thoughts on this, and if I am fully off the mark on the Tranquiline Halls (is it just the cognitive or spiritual realm equivalent attached to their home planet, or is it just the home planet in it's physicality?), and does anyone have any confirmation from quote or Brandon what the Tranquiline Halls really are? I think we're too early to have this concretely down, but given how much we do know and how many little details Brandon loves to give, I wouldn't be surprised if one of you knows.

Cheers and thank you for any input, info, or corrections.

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So there are 3 planets in the Rosharan system Roshar, Ashyn and Braize 

I believe Braize is comfermed as being damnation and is the place the heralds go between desolation 

I think that it is generally assumed that Ashyn is the Tranquiline Halls that the humans fled after a catastrophy caused by surge binders 

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