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Could Aimians somehow be related to Kandra?


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I wrote a long post but somewhere It is Lost now so I will fastly rewrite everything a bit less elegant than before.

The Kandra are far younger than Aimians as race.

The Mistwraiths were no made by a Shard but rather by someone who experienced Ascension for a Little time. It's unlikely he learned to much of the Cosmere to know the Aimians' existence.

The way the Siah Aimians (I assume you are talking of them) change themself seems to be' Cognitive in nature. Of course this is speculative but their connection to Shadesmar (proved by the Shadow) makes It likely to think they have a flexible Cognitive Aspect and they change that to make the physical follow. A bit like the Returned do.

Instead the Kandra's shapeshifting happen under a Biological and physical way.

So they are two races of shapeshifting but I don't believe there is a Connections between them.

I am sorry to this poor rewriting of the answer but I have no much time for that now :(

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